Clothing store

What happens

  • Home — household clothing for work and leisure at home
  • Work — home clothes for work in everyday conditions
  • Casual — household clothing for everyday wear
  • Ceremonial — household clothing for wearing in ceremonial conditions
  • Sports — household clothing for sports
  • National — household clothing reflecting the specifics of the national culture and life of the people. It can be everyday, solemn or ceremonial.
    Industrial (not to be confused with household work clothes) — clothing for wearing in the production conditions of various sectors of the economy
  • Special (workwear) — industrial clothing to protect the worker from exposure to dangerous and harmful production factors
  • Sanitary and industrial clothing for the protection of objects of labor from the worker and the worker from general industrial pollution
  • Technological — a kind of sanitary clothing for the protection of objects of labor
  • Uniform — clothing of military personnel, employees of special departments and students for whom a uniform is established


Clothing sizes are some alphabetic or numeric code corresponding to certain linear parameters of the human body or its parts, for which (which) this piece of clothing is intended. To simplify the selection of clothing and shoes suitable for a particular person, manufacturers use systems of size designations. In most cases, the size is applied to a tag attached to clothing, and in the case of shoes, it can be on the sole or insole.

In the online store there are things that everyone needs. You can assemble a wardrobe in a matter of seconds using the catalog, which contains over 20,000 items and is regularly updated! After authorization, you can bookmark your favorite products to have quick access to them at any time. The notification system will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest news and novelties first.

Our goal is to bring more to our location: modern, convenient, affordable goods. Provide shopping comfort and customer protection. And also to cause smiles of pleasure and confidence on the faces of the inhabitants of the republic!